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Holiday catering is not always fun, especially when you are the one to do all the cooking for family and friends. The alternative, dining out, can be just as  stressful when one is  organising the group to be ready at the same time or preparing young children for a night out -quite a task in itself! 

This is where Lemon Pie comes in: We can give you a fabulous dining experience without leaving the comfort of your villa or holiday home. Together with you we will design a menu using locally sourced ingredients and catering for any dietary requirements. We will cook this meal and serve it from your very own kitchen. While you are enjoying a nice  refreshing pre-dinner drink, perhaps accompanied  by a selection of Lemon Pie's delicious tapas, we set the table and prepare the food. We then serve the dinner and clean up afterwards, leaving the kitchen as we found it. Who could ask for more !


Lemon Pies catering for weddings comes with an extra hidden bonus because Sally is a successful wedding planner with 20 years experience both in Spain and the UK. So not only does Lemon Pie  offer culinary expertise but also you have the benefit of Sally's specialised organisational skills. We like to get to know our clients so that we can design a menu personal to you and in line with your budget.  At Lemon Pie no wedding is too small to receive our best efforts to ensure the success of your special day. We believe that every bride and groom are entitled to a day of wonderful memories, and Lemon Pie takes pride in their contribution to the success of  this wonderful celebration.


Who doesn’t love a party? Well usually those in the kitchen doing all the cooking and washing up! Just call Lemon Pie Dining: We love a party, even if we are the ones doing the cooking and clearing away! We have amazing ideas for parties like our popular Asian Tapas Buffet, or one of our breathtakingly colourful grazing platters.


Ready Made Meals

Whether you are on holiday or an expat living on our wonderful Island, Lemon Pie can offer you ready made meals to pop in your freezer or fridge to serve at your convenience. A wonderful selection of homemade pies and savoury dishes to make your mouth water. You might be entertaining and just want the perfect dessert to end your meal. Then look no further than our list of delicious temptations.


We have had three dining experiences during our holiday this year. On all three occasions Sally and Rachel have arrived on time, prepared our food and, on the middle night, set the table beautifully and served our dinner.
The food has been excellent at all times and the kitchen left spotless, the dishwasher stacked - what more could a girl wish for!
We all would have no hesitation in recommending them for any in-Villa dining experience.
A real treat! Thank you ladies - see you next year!
Jill and Andrew Manby


Lemon Pie


In House Dining

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